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A Dot Matrix Font is shareware whose author has given the Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group exclusive permission to distribute. If you like it and want to keep it, send the shareware fee directly to the author, whose name and address is included with the font.

Download A Dot Matrix Font.

Comments about A Dot Matrix Font

This outline version of A Dot Matrix Font is copyrighted by James L. DeVries 1996, All Rights Reserved.

A Dot Matrix Font shall not be distributed in any form, including the use on any BBS, shareware disk, shareware CD-ROM, or electronic transfer, without the written permission of James DeVries.

A Dot Matrix Font is patterned after the Epson Character Set used on their printers about 1985.

This version of the font contains the minimum ASCII characters used by these printers (bit-maps are included for the complete character set but there are NO outlines for characters beyond the ~). Since this font is intended to replicate dot-matrix printers which produced only 10 or 12 cpi (characters per inch), it is logical to use the font at these sizes, consequently cleaned bit-maps are included for 10 and 12 point. (Note:12 point produces about 10 cpi as the font is designed.)

For a shareware fee of $10 paid to James DeVries, you will receive a complete version of this font with all the characters found in the normal Macintosh Character Set. As well as the plain version, you will receive a bold, italic and bold italic style.

Those who pay their fees, have an internet address, and are willing to receive their fonts by download, will receive an additional font to compensate for the reduction in S&H costs.

Please send your $10 to

James DeVries
775 West Roger Rd., Space #178
Tucson, AZ 85705-2675

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